About  Us

We are now open for inside dining and are following safety guidelines. We have also added our "Positivi-Tea" to-go setting and Princess Tea setting to-go,  permanently. Please visit our tea settings page. Rx.....Tea Time. Reservations Required.

"Rx" is the Latin abbreviation for the word  "recipe" which means “to take”. Rx Tea Time provides a unique tea "taking" experience in a friendly, kind and relaxed environment. The logo is of two Victorian women standing in a parlor, one is holding a Physicians black bag indicating the introduction of women into the practice of medicine in the early 1800's.


You will see the yellow "V" on our sign indicating a Veteran owned business and the pink ribbon denoting breast cancer awareness.


We provide  tea service  with a focus on the health benefits of consuming tea. The health conscious consumer, the tea enthusiast, the person looking for a new experience, and the experienced tea drinker, as well as the mother-daughter, grandmother- granddaughter, and the modern man will all enjoy Rx Tea Time.