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As concerns of COVID-19 increase across the nation and our state, we cannot offer our relaxed tea room experience, but we invite you to connect with your family and friends and share tea and scones over social media outlets. We are now offering a curbside/to go tea setting. Please visit our tea settings page. Rx.....Tea Time.

"Rx" is the Latin abbreviation for the word  "recipe" which means “to take”. Rx Tea Time provides a unique tea "taking" experience in a friendly, kind and relaxed environment. The logo is of two Victorian women standing in a parlor, one is holding a Physicians black bag indicating the introduction of women into the practice of medicine in the early 1800's.


You will see the yellow "V" on our sign indicating a Veteran owned business and the pink ribbon denoting breast cancer awareness.


We provide  tea service  with a focus on the health benefits of consuming tea. The health conscious consumer, the tea enthusiast, the person looking for a new experience, and the experienced tea drinker, as well as the mother-daughter, grandmother- granddaughter, and the modern man will all enjoy Rx Tea Time. 


Wanda and Jim Frank


Rx Tea Time, LLC
1605 Pebrican Ave
Cheyenne, Wy 82001

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